Editorial Policy

In order to give our readers original and high-quality news and articles, we at celebdeathnews strive to uphold strict journalistic standards. You acknowledge that you must abide by these rules when writing for us and that we have the right to reject your submission if you don’t. You will sign a contract with us that requires you to accept this policy in writing.


We demand original content from every article. They ought should pass Copyscape and other checks for plagiarism. Only “never-published-before” content should be submitted to our editors for review. It is crucial that you concentrate on producing content for your readers. Plagiarized or spun articles from already published articles will not be accepted.

Data And Claims

Before being included in the article, any business-related claims and data should be thoroughly investigated. The clients will not accept any untrue assertions or skewed statistics. We make sure that any information published on our website has been verified by reliable sources and is already in the public domain. The data, figures, and assertions must be linked to the appropriate website where they were previously published.

Always try to back up your claims with concrete evidence. You can support your statements with images, graphs, and screenshots. You should refrain from using a claim in your post if no authoritative websites or subject-matter experts support it.

Marketing And Promo

A finance/business/person-related claim or information should never be included in an article for marketing or promotional objectives. Your articles should always be plain and objective in their title, subheadings, and substance. Any article that supports a brand, product, or person should not be linked. In our posts, we highly advise against using advertising or promotional links.


Your writing should always be valuable to our readers. Your post should have a clear goal that must be accomplished in order to be useful. Our goal is to provide articles that may inform readers on the most recent events while also assisting them in grasping the complexities of various industries and technological advancements. There should be no bias at all and no attempt to pitch or promote any company, market, or currency in any way.


Please keep in mind that our readers are individuals who have a genuine interest in technology, business, and finance rather than the general population. You should always include useful information in your articles for readers who are already familiar with the tech and finance industries. Our goal is to give them the most recent news and information about various industries and technologies. Consequently, before producing an article for our readers, comprehend them.

Agreement With The Article

The editorial board alone decides whether to accept the article. Without providing a reason, our editors have the right to accept or reject. We will intimidate you when an article is accepted by announcing the outcome. Each choice made by the board will be definitive and enforceable against all writers.

News Reporting

Make sure to confirm the news you are writing for us using all reliable sources. We think it vital to concentrate on the validity of each news piece before publishing, even though we have shorter timescales for the posting of news on our site. Ensure that each of the news stories and statistics mentioned in the post has empirical support.

For the sake of producing excellent material for our viewers, please abide by the editorial guidelines below.

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