Corrections Policy

Through this Corrections Policy, StackNexo LLP (hereafter referred to as “Celeb Death News” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) would like to inform you of the corrective actions We take if We find inaccurate information on Our Website. We completely understand that it is Our responsibility to make the correction and let you know about it as soon as feasible. We are fully conscious of our obligation to Our readers.


This website makes an effort to deliver to its viewers accurate and comprehensive news reports based on the facts available when the story is posted.

As soon as they are brought to our notice, we attempt to correct any inaccuracies in the information on Our Website. In addition to editing Our content, as a digital platform, we publish a correction and explanation on Our social media accounts or make an editor’s note available that explicitly explains the modifications made and the error. We genuinely and swiftly apologize to Our readers if a substantial error leads to the spreading of false information.

Report Updating

We have a practice of updating stories and adding notes. We must use a correction, explanation, or editor’s note to alert readers whenever We fix a significant error or modify an article to integrate feedback from a stakeholder. Suppose an error is discovered during Our fact-check (which is carried out by Our Fact-Check Policy, which is available at [“Fact-Check Policy”]), and it is brought to Our attention. In that case, We update the article as necessary and note in bold “[Correction: updated Info…]” at the top of the report along with a description of the correction made. Additionally, we invite members of our community to send errors to, and we provide readers the opportunity to offer edit suggestions at the bottom of each article.


If We substantively Correct an Article, Photo Caption, Headline, Graphic, Video, or Other Content, We Promptly Post a Correction Explaining the Need for the Said Modification.


We modify the terminology and offer clarity when our reporting contains factually accurate information but the language chosen to convey those facts is not clear or specific enough. A clarification is also used to show whether We overlooked a statement or response that has since been included in the story or because new information has changed how We described an incident.

Notes from the Editor

An editor’s note, followed by an explanation of the problem, may be required when a correction raises serious ethical questions or calls into question the entire substance of the piece. A senior editor authorizes the addition of an editor’s note to a text.

Other Corrections-related Policies

Our community engagement team can state in the comments that an issue has been fixed when a reader finds one and reports it in the comment stream.

When We post inaccurate information on social media, we quickly update it there. We retract the false statement if we are unable to correct it.

We don’t point the finger at reporters or editors, saying things like “due to a reporting error” or “due to an editing error.”

Inaccuracies In Reporting

Please use the “Suggest A Correction” form to let us know if you think an article we’ve published is inaccurate. Additionally, you can email us at [email protected].

Submissions for Removal

As a matter of editorial policy, we do not comply with takedown demands. If the subject claims the story is inaccurate, we will look into it and correct it if necessary.

We cooperate when fairness demands an update or follow-up on prior coverage, considering whether additional editorial action is necessary but keeping the article in place as if it had never been written.

We only consider removal requests when publishing personally identifiable information if the subject is in danger of suffering harm due to the publication.

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